The Huntsman: Winter’s War


Nathan and Scotty leave it up to Andydrogynous to
discuss The Huntsman: Winter’s War, the “pre-sequel” to Snow
White and the Huntsman, on this week’s “Crap Night ONLY” podcast.
Remember, listeners, “Crap” because of the REVIEWER (Andydrogynous)
and not necessary the film itself. Two filmmaking comedians and one
inept prepubescent sidekick chatting about Kristen Stewart, TMZ,
the meaning of “pre-sequel”, The Hemsworths, Charlize Theron’s
appearance on Top Chef, Jessica Chastain’s Scottish accent, The
Five-Year-Engagement (2012), and the proper procedure of talking
during a movie. This episode promises nothing The Huntsman:
Winter’s War didn’t deliver. This episode is sponsored by Philz

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