Spider-Man: Far From Home | Four Seasons of Film Podcast | Ep. 303


Nathan and Andy start the convo with “Spider-Man: Far From Home”. This episode is sponsored by Philz Coffee. DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/2xzSpzx 


Show Notes:

  • 1.22 Everyone learns something from the podcast
  • 1.40 Spider-man is hyphenated
  • 2.10 The IMDB Synopsis
  • 2.30 Endgame?
  • 3.02 Tom Holland
  • 4.05 The Sam Raimi Spiderman’s
  • 6.01 What has Spider-man been up to since End Game?
  • 6.45 The Blip
  • 7.00 How can Spider-man go back to being Peter Parker?
    • Words by Laird Hamilton
  • 8.45 Jake Tylenol
  • Captain Planet
  • 12.15 What Andy thought of the movie
  • 13.30 Jon Favreau and the Chef movie/show
  • 14.05 Silicon Valley
  • 15.25 Nate and Andy get sidetracked and talk about Big Little Lies
  • 16.25 John Feldman!!!!
  • 17.05 Fishbowl head
  • 17.45 What they could of done differently about the movie
  • 18.42 Marvels need to get constantly better, they have all the talent behind it
  • 21.20 What happened to all of Tony Stark’s money?
  • 22.30 CGI and the small screen test
  • 24.10 Does Andy cross the MCU fans by being critical of the movies
  • 25.10 The arc of the X-men movies and comparing it to the MCU
  • 27.30 “23” by Jim Carrey
  • 28.10 Stinger Scenes
  • 28.45 Endgame vs Friends finale
  • 30.37 The Fart-o-meter


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